About Kat Tai-Dai Mau

tai mug

Master Kat Tai-Dai Mau is an internationally renowned master practitioner and teacher of feline tai chi. He has earned black collars in several of the martial arts, but of course he has lost them all during his unauthorized midnight rambles around his neighborhood. Feline disciples the world over are scratching at the door of his classes.  Known to his friends as Tai, he is a Burmese with unusual tie-dye markings on his underside. He currently lives in San Francisco, alone except when his local disciples are in heat, since he is considered a bit too prickly otherwise. He has no use for kittens, though he denies the vicious, unfounded rumors that he has eaten some of his offspring.  His discipline is so strict that he hardly ever needs to take a break from his tai chi practice, but when he does, he enjoys rodent hunting, exactly nine stretches behind each ear, and long rambles as far away from the ocean as possible. He often does pause briefly a little after four, though, to smoke a little catnip. He couldn’t possibly care less about gay marriage or Confederate flags–silly human matters!  Being a neutered tom, however, he can be slightly sensitive about certain transgender concerns. His favourite colour is grey, so soothing.

Comments are welcome here on the blog, but because of the quiet solitude essential to the practice of his tai chi discipline, not to mention his predilection for napping, Tai prefers that his tranquil environment not be disturbed by unnecessary communications; any correspondence should be directed instead to  his human assistant, Allen, who can be reached by email at allenthepoet@gmail.com and will be happy to respond on Tai’s behalf.


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